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Developer Summit

Ubuntu Developer Summit - Q Tracks

Cloud & Server

Sessions that discuss aspects of the server edition, including cloud.

Lead: Dave Walker, Antonio Rosales


Refining and improving how our community and developer processes work, ensuring that we have a capable and energised Ubuntu community.

Lead: Jono Bacon


Design aspects of the entire Ubuntu experience, including desktop, web, and online services.

Lead: Charline Poirier


Sessions that discuss aspects of the desktop experience.

Lead: Jason Warner


Sessions concentrating around the base of Ubuntu, including boot, package management, and installation.

Lead: Steve Langasek


Sessions having to do with drivers and anything that relates to the bare metal.

Lead: Leann Ogasawara


Sessions that are Ubuntu related but might not fall within a typical track.

Lead: Kate Stewart


Geared towards enhancing quality inside of Ubuntu, as well as the tools, processes, and infrastructure used by developers, testers, and community members.

Lead: Nicholas Skaggs


Sessions revolving around the security of Ubuntu, ranging from server to desktop.

Lead: Jamie Strandboge