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Propose a Session

A session at the Ubuntu Online Summit is a place where the community discusses, plans and assigns development work for the next release and promotes and provided instructions on how to get the most out of the current release. Anyone who participates in the Ubuntu Online Summit is welcome to propose a session for the event.

There are two ways to propose a session:

  1. Create a Discussion or Presentation Session – this is for discussion of topics that is not intended to result in planned work.
  2. Create a Blueprint Session – this is for planning out work and projects.

Follow the instructions below for how to register these sessions.

Create a Discussion Session

If you want to have a presentation or discussion session that does not require a blueprint, simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Propose Session page and fill in the form.
  2. When your session is proposed the track lead will review and accept/reject the session. Keep your eye on the schedule for an update!
  3. Be prepared to start an On Air Hangout about 10 minutes before the start of your session

Create a Blueprint Session

In Ubuntu we track work and projects using blueprints. These are web pages that track the status, deadlines, work items, and other details of projects. You should create a blueprint for all new pieces of work.

To create a blueprint for the next Ubuntu Online Summit go to Launchpad and then click the Register a blueprint link as shown below:

Now fill in the different fields in the blueprint:

Field What To Enter
For Enter ubuntu.
Name The name is an important field. Choose which track you want your session on and then enter the following:

  • Communitycommunity-1611-your-session-name
  • Cloud Devopscloud-1611-your-session-name
  • Corecore-1611-your-session-name
  • Convergenceconvergence-1611-your-session-name

Title A short description of your session (e.g. Ubuntu Global Jam Plans).
Specification URL (optional) A link to a longer specification of the project/feature/plan on the Ubuntu Wiki.
Summary A description of the topic the session is intended to cover.

When your blueprint is completed it will be accepted for the Ubuntu Online Summit and then the track lead for your session will determine if we can fit it into the schedule.

Please note: all sessions are accepted for the Ubuntu Online Summit but this does not mean it will be added to the schedule: the track leader needs to accept it first.