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Ubuntu Touch Emulator

2013-11-21 18:05..19:00 in Core 1

We want the emulator to be our main target for testing an development. This session is to discuss the current status of the emulator, and the remaining work to integrate it at our development/CI/SDK stack.

Topics: 1. bringup (including MIR) 2. emulator packaging/distribution (as part of SDK?) 3. phablet-tools support 4. image production 5. OOB adb support (hopefully magic) 6. appdev test/iteration tools, documentation and best practices 7. x86 support (archive, image, emulator-x86, phablet-tools)

SDK: 1. SDK emulator user experience story - maybe a write up and publish a user story - once we get close to release of emulator support, run a documentation/education campaign through blogs/social media 2. out of the box qtcreator emulator experience - instead of working against a connected device you want use an emulator - should be the default device if user doesn't select anything else - super simple and robust experience - emulator for easy testing code on phone and tablet formfactors

CI: 1. upstream merger emulator support 2. daily-release emulator support 3. image smoke emulator support 4. generic test service emulator support