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Automated Android Testing

2011-11-02 10:00..10:45 in Grand Sierra G

In this session we will talk about automated Android testing.


Before each change is accepted it undergoes premerge testing. The tester, LAVA, runs a set of tests on a test build that contains the change.

To get the most out of the test loop, we would like to identify areas of improvement so that faults found in this loop can be efficiently analysed and fixed.


  1. Introduce what we have and what's happened recently with reviewing, building and testing.
  2. Open a discussion on improvements/new features   What improvements can we make in LAVA   What improvements can we make in Gerrit  * Speed ups/efficiencies.


  1. Discuss new tests
  2. Plan for keeping a unit alive in a failed state
  3. Plan for bootloader testing (JTAG)
  4. Discuss the best way to capture and present test results for developers