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Ubuntu kernel packages across flavors - current issues and future planing

2011-11-04 10:00..10:45 in Grand Sierra G

Currently for every kernel flavour we need the following packages: - kernel-headers-abi - kernel-headers-abi-flavour - kernel-image-abi-flavour - kernel-image-abi-flavour-dbgsym - linux-tools-abi-flavour - linux-tools-common

Until we have one single kernel that could support different flavours, we need to support having different packages at our overlay.

Common issues we have with the current solution: - DKMS depends on linux-headers/image-generic - How to depend on a common and single headers package - same dependency issue with the debug package

This session is about discussin possible ways to fix this long standing issues at the Ubuntu LEB, and future planing on how to properly add new flavors in the future.