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Making Community Very Obvious on the Desktop

2011-11-03 10:00..10:45 in Bonaire 8

Executive Summary: The main idea is to make discovery of Ubuntu community automatic, and not an accident. Community is meant in the whole and general sense of "anyone who uses or contributes to Ubuntu."

Problem Statement: "Houston we have a problem." Most people who have discovered Ubuntu community have done so accidentally. Most people (who are on the other side of the chasm) have no idea that community is central to the growth and development of Ubuntu. Most people have no idea whether others in their town/city are using Ubuntu. We need to make community obvious and make community formation easy.

Proposal: One possible solution is to create a "Community Lens" or (similarly obvious desktop element). Make it prominent. Connect it to one's local community, beginning with those who use and enjoy Ubuntu in our town/city. Over time, expand it to include additional nearby non-Ubuntu social connections: family, friends, neighbourhood, city...