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Extra large application performance testing

2012-05-10 10:00..10:45 in G. Ballroom B

Today, whether you are developing a web service, website or a web application, a vast majority of these are required to sustain a satisfactory level of service and/or user experience to a large capacity of users/clients. There is a wide range of performance challenges that today's developer needs to meet and overcome.

What will be covered: In this workshop we will explore the various performance challenges and solutions available today for developers to overcome these challenges and build failure resilient applications by using open source tools (e.g. Apache JMeter) running on Ubuntu servers. This 1 hour workshop will cover end-to-end the process of building a test scenario and successfully running an extra large capacity load test. A user attending this workshop can expect to gain the knowledge of how to easily run a load test using open source tools on Ubuntu.

Topics that will be covered include: Today's performance challenges - what to look for Available tools for super easy performance testing "Hello World" in Performance Testing - creating a test script in 10 minutes using Apache JMeter Run an extra large capacity test * Answering performance and JMeter related questions. User can ask any level of question and get answered.