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GNOME Plans Review

2012-05-08 10:00..10:45 in G. Ballroom F


Not sure how much we need to discuss but it's always good to have a GNOME checkpoint session.

It's likely that this cycle we will not "hold back" on things we kept behind until now, which means we need to bring clutter on the CD and see how we do that and what it means (do we need extra testing on some platforms during the cycle, how will it work for people not having 3d working, etc).

Some other desktopish topics I would like to discuss, not sure if that's the right session but since we will probably have time in that one:

  • our delta with upstream and Debian and how we could lower it? mpt suggested that "launchpad-integration" items are quite "geeky", they also create most of our diff over Debian and extra work and don't really "scale" since they require sources patching, maybe it's time to discussion dropping that?

  • tools, though UDD didn't change a lot so I don't think the consensus will be any different from what it was other cycles

  • whatever other topics you guys come with ;-)