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Open Compute Project Roundtable

2012-05-09 12:00..13:00 in G. Ballroom G

The third Open Compute Project (OCP) Summit is the week before UDS, in San Antonio.

This bluerprint/session is to serve to inform others about the current and future hardware specifications for the OCP (v2 and v3) as well as; List any known software components of the OCPv1 and v2 spec, Document future up-and-coming requirements , Classify any pieces that would need to be solved by an OEM/ODM (such as providing a bios flash tool / sensors module), Take note of any pieces that could be solved in Ubuntu such as using standard ipmi calls, etc, or tools to convery "OCP config files" that might be written for a CentOS SNMP server, to ones that would work on Ubuntu, hardware enablement, BMC, etc).