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Integrate Linaro hwpacks for arm with the Ubuntu image build infrastructure

2012-05-08 17:05..18:00 in G. Ballroom C

To use their evaluation builds on different ARM architectures Linaro creates so called hardware packs which contain board specific bits like kernel, bootloader and drivers.

The Ubuntu infrastructure currently uses debian-cd in the backend to make images bootable on ARM boards. In 12.10 we want to remove this duplicated effort and teach debian-cd about hwpacks from linaro so that it can make use of them for certain (if not all) ARM targeted images in the future.

In the session going along with this spec we will have to discuss the necessary changes to debian-cd but also possibly required changes to the hwpacks (we might want to use a long term supported kernel for example or can not distribute drivers legally in a community distro which linaro includes in their builds with approval from the vendor etc.)