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eCryptfs in Ubuntu 12.10

2012-05-11 10:00..10:45 in Jr. Ballroom 2

In this session, we'll discuss eCryptfs in Ubuntu 12.10. Both of the upstream eCryptfs maintainers will be present to discuss the future of eCryptfs, upstream and in Ubuntu.

Topics include:  - Stabilization and testing with the new unit test framework  - AES-NI acceleration improvements  - Longstanding issues or bugs that need to be revisited  - Steps to removing the "experimental" label in the upstream Linux kernel tree  - Remote key retrieval in the ecryptfs-utils userspace packages  - Introduction of ecryptfs.org  - Migration of questions/answers from Launchpad Answers to StackExchange sites - Problems around the ecryptfs-utils prerm check of if ecryptfs is in use  - ...