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OpenLDAP MDB: Life after BerkeleyDB

2012-05-08 15:00..16:00 in G. Ballroom F

OpenLDAP's new MDB library provides basically unlimited scaling for reads, high speed writes, and extremely efficient memory use. It has already been ported into a full OpenLDAP backend, a Cyrus SASL sasldb backend, a Heimdal hdb backend, and an SQLite backend with dramatic resource savings and performance gains yielded in each case. Work is also underway to provide a perl DB module, and other projects such as OpenDKIM are now adopting it. With the prevalence of apps dependent on SQLite in Android and other mobile platforms, and the order of magnitude efficiency gains from MDB, the potential for battery savings and extended runtimes on mobile devices is significant. What other apps/tools should we explore for MDB adoption?