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Defects Dashboard

2012-05-10 12:00..13:00 in G. Ballroom C

Rationale: This is a revival of https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/other-p-bug-dashboard. We have lots of sources of information about our packages and bugs, and issues potentially unreported (with whoopsie-daisy). We need to consolidate this information and make it available in a palatable way, so we can worry about what to do to fix and avoid bugs, instead of worrying about how to figure out where to look to check for issues.

Goal: Have a centralized place to do a health check of Ubuntu. We want, in a glance, to be able to know packages that have spikes in bugs, bugs that should be fixed but aren't getting the proper attention, problems that are happening but no bugs were reported yet, and the like.