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Power Architecture Kernel Development

2012-11-01 12:00..13:00 in B3-M2

The current powerpc kernel state is stagnant and based on there only being PowerMac and IBM P-Series kernels. With the expansion of Power into various other vendors and the availability of many types of machines, this needs to be expanded. However, this may incur patches that are not PowerPC centric, so the possibility exists where the power kernel may need to be built separate from the stock kernel package in Ubuntu. DIscussion is needed on the best way to proceed, best practices for maintaining it and best methods of supporting as many alternate Power CPUs/SoCs as possible while keeping the package maintainable.

== Comment == Hi Ben, Currently the session shortname (powerpc-kernel-devel) doesn't fit the convention for the tracks. Would you be able to determine where you think this best fits? -- Daviey

Changed to hardware-r-powerpc-devel -- BenC