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Stop relying on GNOME fallback code for Unity

One topic for UDS, since GNOME is talking about dropping their code for fallback to just use gnome-shell, we should make sure we stop relying on that (it would also be good to stop relying on not so maintained code)

Things I can see in that category: - turn the "bluetooth indicator" (patch over fallback-session code from upstream) to a proper indicator - turn the "keyboard indicator" (the code we patch is going away in GNOME 3.6) to a proper indicator - deal with disk mounting in unity (we use the GNOME fallback-session code)

(It would be good to have design input on the indicator before we start if we are going to do that, if we rewrite them we can as well do it in a way which improves the design)

There are probably others things in that category but those are the main ones I can think about