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Default File Manager

2012-10-30 16:15..17:00 in B4-M5

GNOME's new Files app (Nautilus) has been a bit controversial. While the devs have admitted that they should have followed GNOME's feature proposal process and the UI had some obvious bugs in the 3.5 snapshots, I think Nautilus 3.6 is a clear improvement for most users.

I believe that nautilus 3.8 is the best choice as default file manager for users and for Ubuntu developers for 13.04. I just don't see anything else that has the stability, shared maintenance, and integration with the default desktop that the latest nautilus has.

We should come up with a list of specific requirements that we want from Nautilus which we can present to developers. Here's my start:

  • GtkMenuButton needs to export its menus to dbus for use by the HUD
  • While F10 opens the new gear menu, there is no keyboard accessible way to access the "view menu"
  • Traditional keyboard shortcuts like Alt+F, Alt+V, etc. have been dropped, which I'm thinking could cause trouble for accessibility.