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Lubuntu Community Planning Session

2015-05-06 16:00..16:55 in Community

The purpose of this meeting is to discuss different plans and ideas to bring new contributors to the many different teams, since Lubuntu lacks of regular contributors. How to motivate them and how to keep them motivated is the key of the discussion, in this round-table session. We then invite all team-leaders to join us and help us perfect this plan. The Admin team has also came up with some suggestions that would benefit all distributions, although we need to first, perfect our plan before introducing it to other people outside Lubuntu. This is an attempt to gather resources and knowledge to empower the Open Source world.

We also want to use this session to plan LxQt, what we want to bring to Lubuntu 15.10, to discuss the need to find a communications manager, as well as a community manager and some other important topics that may arise.