Ubuntu Summit 2022

Prague, Czech Republic, November 7th – 9th, 2022

An opportunity for the broader Ubuntu community to learn and speak about the amazing work and success stories happening in the ecosystem. We want to enable a wide and diverse group to connect, collaborate, and lower the barriers between what they do best and how Ubuntu can help achieve that.

Let's celebrate the spirit of Ubuntu — I am what I am because of who we all are.

Bookmark this page — registration opens on Sep 5, 2022 right here.

Questions? Reach out to summit@ubuntu.com

You mean developer summit, right?

For those of you who know and love our Ubuntu Developer Summit, last hosted in 2012, you may be wondering about the change in name. Canonical has grown a lot as an organization, and the Ubuntu community has excelled into many new areas. Instead of focusing on the roadmap for the next release, we'd like to change the scope to focus on the broader community. The new Ubuntu Summit will occur annually, in changing locations across the world.

Exciting! What does the event look like?

The Ubuntu Summit will include a series of talks, workshops, panels and Q&A. We cover a broad range of topics to appeal not only to developers, but anyone involved in open source. You will learn about Ubuntu Desktop, cloud and infrastructure, WSL, community, and design. Check out a wide range of sessions from the following tracks:

Ubuntu Desktop

This track is focused on Ubuntu Desktop, and the technologies that make it the successful open source operating system that powers millions of computers around the world. You will learn about upcoming changes and improvements of the Ubuntu desktop. Sessions on this track will focus on Ubuntu Desktop, Gnome, Raspberry PI, OpenPrinting, WSL, Snap.


This event is all about community. A healthy community is what drives open source projects to success. Our community track will focus on community building, community management, tools and processes useful to community leaders, and documentation in open source projects.

We will also discuss exciting upcoming changes in the Ubuntu Community, and the renewed focus to bring all the amazing contributors together and highlight their success stories.

Data Science

Data science is a critical part of the modern business landscape, and open source technologies are the de-facto standard within this industry. The tools, platforms, and infrastructure used to extract knowledge and actionable insights out of large data sets are under rapid development, and it is of supreme importance to make sure this future belongs to FOSS. This track is focused on how open source solutions will power the next generation of AI, ML, and big data workloads around the world.

Application Ecosystem

The success of an operative system is heavily affected by the health of its application ecosystem. This track will showcase applications and tools used by the Ubuntu community and Canonical to build and deploy applications. You will learn about technology such as Debian Packages, Flutter, Snapcraft, Juju, Charms.


This track is focused on Ubuntu Server and Ubuntu Core, where and how they can be deployed, and how they are optimised on platforms ranging from raspberryPI, IoT, all the way up to kubernetes and massive cloud deployments. You will also learn all about orchestration technologies, Juju, Charms, Snapcraft, IoT and embedded devices.

Content & Design

This track will take you on a journey to discover what makes a great user experience on a wide range of products and using different technologies. You will learn how open source software allows designers and content creators to be successful in a professional environment. You will learn about accessibility, UX on the CLI and cloud platforms, Open Source tools for content creation, photography, audio and video editing.

Sold! How do I get in on this?

Registration will open on Sep 5, 2022 at this location. Craving for more information? Sign up for updates here.

If you have questions please feel free to reach out to summit@ubuntu.com

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