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Checkbox Core Architecture

2012-05-10 10:00..10:45 in G. Ballroom C

Determine the various technologies to be applied in the design of Checkbox Core. Checkbox Core is a distributed testing toolkit. It will allow users to execute tests and receive status and results across private networks. Strategies must be developed to handle the complexities of this type of transaction across unsecurred networks.

Reasoning: The current Checkbox framework is complex and difficult to enhance. There is also the added difficulty of split usage. Hardware Certification requires one type of suite, Ubuntu Friendly another, and QA a third. Checkbox Core is being designed to resolve these issues in a few ways. The first is by simplifying the design. The core is a Python library that supports the existing features of the Checkbox application, but as simple calls rather than integrated actions. Teams adopting the core can use as much or as little of this library as they need. Secondly, the core supported remote execution and results reporting, including the ability to execute across private networks. Security is, therefore, paramount to this effort. Lastly, Checkbox Core has no GUI. As a library is allows the users to determine what features they need and provides an easy SDK for developing an interface most useful to that team.

Status: The Checkbox Core team is in the process of identifying the technology required to fully implement the spec as it is currently written. Some details require further discussion. Security is a major area not fully defined. A prototype is available to guide future discussions and planning.